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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Yesterday during ICM we learned how to do the newborn physical exam. VERY cool. And you know how easily swayed I am about specialties? Well, this was no different. I walked away from the hospital wanting to possibly pursue Neonatology. The only thing is, I don't know how I would be able to work with really sick babies everyday :-/

Disclaimer: These photos are not a HIPAA violation because they were taken by the Hubby when they did the newborn exam on our son. (I didn't get to witness all this bc I was a little occupied...haha). But after yesterday, now I know exactly what they were doing...LOL!

The little one we had the pleasure of observing/examining yesterday was 1 day old! He was a healthy baby and soooo cute - he had slick black hair like Little Nate did when he was born. We were under the supervision of a Neonatologist from Riley who was awesome about explaining all of the steps of the physical. We listened to heart and bowel sounds, palpated for the liver and spleen, and learned the Ortolani and Barlow maneuvers to check for a shallow hip socket.

Barlow and Ortolani maneuver diagram

I was thinking back to when I had Natey, and there were a lot of extra people in the room when I delivered - I think mostly nursing students and residents.  At various points in time, nurses would ask if it was ok for new people to come and observe the delivery. It was fine with me because I know we all have to learn at some point.  But, if someone had asked me could they examine my newborn? (One of my classmates said that the baby they examined was 30 MINUTES old.) I don't know if I would have been so willing. We didn't hurt the baby we examined in any way, but I am a crazy overprotective mommy at times and I feel like that behavior was at it's highest right after delivery...LOL


So funny he still makes these faces. Maybe it's the

That was a fun walk down memory lane...ok back to work!


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