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Friday, July 20, 2018

***PURE Maevn Scrubs: Review & Contest***

This summer, I got to try another set of Maevn scrubs - I did a review back in January for their EON collection.

Maevn has a new brand within their line called PURE, and I think this may be my favorite pair of scrubs thus far! This time I opted for Pewter, mainly because now that I’m a Maternal-Fetal Medicine fellow (!!! still cannot believe this) these scrubs will match the department scrubs that they give us.

What sets these scrubs apart from hospital scrubs, are the stretchy and breathable fabric that is not only practical but also soft, all the essential pockets, and the awesome color selection.

Pictured are the following styles:

Modern V-neck Top; size S
Ladies Relaxed-fit Elastic Drawstring Cargo Pant; size M

I’m so excited to add these new scrubs to my wardrobe as I keep myself comfortable (and well put together!) while coming in and out of the hospital.

You can find Maevn scrubs in over 500 stores and online retailers.

Also, Spiderwoman-Policewoman Isabelle was determined to get in on this photoshoot. If this doesn't say "Mrs. Mommy M.D." I don't know what does...HA! 

***For this post, I was given a pair of Maevn scrubs for review. All opinions are my own.***

The generous team at Maevn scrubs has arranged for one of my readers to get a free pair of EON scrubs. The details of the contest can be found on my Instagram post **here**
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