The Mrs. The Mommy. The M.D.: ***Back-to-School for Trainees: Medelita Lab Coat Review***
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Monday, July 2, 2018

***Back-to-School for Trainees: Medelita Lab Coat Review***

Did you know that July is back-to-school time for doctors? 

For some of us, this means that it is our first time putting on that White Coat and being called "doctor". It's ALL brand new and every day is something we haven’t seen (or done) before o_O 

For some of us, like myself, this isn't our first go-round. But July means gaining new responsibilities that add a new perspective to what has been familiar. 

One thing is for sure, no matter where we are in our journey, everybody loves getting new things to prepare them for back to school. Am I right?!

And today is HUGE, because it is my first day of Maternal-Fetal Medicine fellowship(!!!), and I am no different. I am super excited about my new planner, I have a bag full of things to decorate my new desk in my new office! :faints: And thanks to Medelita, I even get to rock a new white coat!

The sweet team at Medelita gifted me the Vandi Athletic Fit Lab Coat. This coat puts a modern spin on the coats we all know and love. 

To make my new coat extra special, I was able to get my name embroidered AND rep my new division - Maternal-Fetal Medicine(!!!). They even have a color called “Carolina Blue” which, obviously, is what I chose... :swoon:

Here is what I love most about my new coat...
  • The Vandi style adds a little bit of variety amongst the white coats in the hospital. It definitely has subtle differences, but they’re noticeable.

  • The sleek and modern fit, tapers at the waist for a more tailored look compared to the frumpy, unisex coats that we got in residency

  • The embroidery is beautiful!
  • The M3 material is a polyester-cotton blend that feels smooth as silk. 
  • Even though it feels purely cosmetic, the material is perfect for the hospital because it prevents stains by repelling fluids and any soils
  • So many pockets! There are external pockets for days with cool features like a pocket-within-a-pocket for your phone, and internal pockets to increase my carrying capacity for everything I could possibly need during rounds... and snacks 🙌

Thanks to Medelita, I am feeling extra fly this "new school year"!

***For this post, I was given a Medelita lab coat for review. All opinions are my own.***
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