The Mrs. The Mommy. The M.D.: Spring Break 2018: Johnsons Do Disney!
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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Spring Break 2018: Johnsons Do Disney!

This year, our family went to Orlando for spring break!! This is like the first non-inside-North-Carolina-or-Visiting-Family vacation we have had since I started residency. Actually, since Nate and I had our one year anniversary trip in 2011...

We met my parents in Orlando and we stayed in an AirBnB minutes away from Disney. We ended up getting two dedicated days at the Parks, swimming, good eating, and tons of family time. It was a dream and just what I needed.

We arrived after an overnight 9 hour drive. We had an awesome breakfast at a restaurant called KeKe's Breakfast Cafe and then met my parents at my grandpa's place while we waited for our AirBnB check in. My dad's dad travels to Florida every winter from Michigan and it was so nice to see him!

When it was time for check in, we were all so excited because the AirBnB spot was amazing! Message me if you want details.

We were exhausted though, so we got carryout dinner and fell asleep by the time Michigan was playing in the championship game. **Tough loss, but good season boys!**

9AM crowds. 
We got up around 6:30AM and got to Magic Kingdom by 9AM. The weather got  hot quickly and THE. CROWDS. WERE. INSANE. By lunch time the kids were done with me, but we powered through. Thanks to Fast Passes and good food, we were able to ride/see:

1. Jungle Cruise *first ride and first fast pass, we were sold on walking straight to the front haha 

2. Enchanted Tiki Room 

3. Aladdin's Magic Carpets *followed by DoleWhip YUM!*

4. Festival of Fantasy Parade

5. Mickey's Philharmagic *A 90s kid's dream!!*

6. Prince Charming's Carousel

*Lunch at Pinocchio's Village Haus*

7. Dumbo the Flying Elephant

8. The Barnstormer

9. Magic Teacups 

10. It's a Small World

11. Tomorrowland PeopleMover

12. Space Mountain

13. Happily Ever After Fireworks Show 

We ended up leaving around 10:30PM and we were exhausted. Especially the kids. Nate and Izza complained about the heat, the lines, the most fun rides being too scary, and the fireworks being too loud...🙃 

They were on sensory overload by lunchtime each day. I snapped a special collection of photos featuring little Nate being over it. I think I'm going to call it, "next time, save your money, Mom..." hahaha

We slept in and lounged by the pool. I got a work out in, but really I didn't need to because at Magic Kingdom we walked FIVE MILES.

At night we headed to Disney Springs for a Cuban themed Dinner at Bongos. So good!


So the newest and most talked about ride right now is Pandora: Flight of Passage. We could not get fast passes to this, so my plan was to get to it first thing. This meant we had to open the park. So we got up at 5AM and were at the gate by 7:15AM.

We were able to get done with the Flight of Passage ride by 8:30AM. The wait for the rest of the day was 3 hours. That was the best decision ever. That ride was probably one of the best rides any of us have ever been on. The kids, however, were scared. And said it was too loud :sigh:

Rest of the day, the weather was milder and the crowds were a little better until about 1PM, so we were able to ride/see:

1. Avatar: Flight of Passage

2. Avatar: Navi River Journey

3. Kilamanjaro Safari

4. Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail

*Lunch at Harambe Market*

5. Dinosaur 

6. It's Tough to Be a Bug

7. Festival of the Lion King

8. Expedition Everest 

After this, it was about 4:30PM and we headed back to our place. Isabelle slept the rest of the  night and Little Nate and my Mom watched Avatar. Big Nate and I went back out for a quick look at Epcot. I always thought it sounded boring, but it looked pretty cool!

Sadly, there wasn't enough time to check out the World Showcase, but we were able to check out Future World including the the Chevy Test Track and Soaring. It was also time for the annual flower festival which was gorgeous.

We spent our last day in the sun appropriately with a marathon pool day and some awesome poolside grilling by Nate. Seriously, the AirBnB was bomb.

We hit the road back to reality.

It was a great week. I'm so thankful for this trip... Sunday night I head back to work and I think I'm recharged enough to finish out these last two months of residency!!
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