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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ultrasound Scans and Holiday Plans...

Is anyone else amazed at how fast this year has gone by?! This makes no sense.

Our Thanksgiving weekend was so nice. I mentioned in my last post that I was working on Thanksgiving day. That wasn't as sad as I thought it would be. The Labor and Delivery team stayed in the spirit throughout the day - including a mini feast hosted by the nurses. The workload was steady per usual, but things picked up quite a bit after most people had eaten their dinner...haha

My first block of nights is behind me and this month I am on an ultrasound rotation. It has been great to finally feel like I know how to do more than check for baby's position when I stick a probe on mommy's belly. This rotation is outpatient and primarily between the hours of 8am to 5pm so I also have time to read, see my family more than two days per week, and sleep. I even straightened up my house a little bit. It has been GLORIOUS.

Now that I am 6 month's into residency - GASP - I think I am starting to feel more like a doctor. I am more efficient with my time, more confident with my clinical decisions, and as a whole I can see myself growing. It is not perfect by any means, and I have a long way to go, but I am definitely the happiest I have been this year thus far. I think it is a combination of increased work-life integration and not feeling like I am constantly just treading water so that I can breathe. The last 6 months have been exhausting.....but now Christmas is herrrreeeee!

It is my absolute favorite holiday. The music, the smell of evergreen trees and cinnamon, the lights, the time with family, the message of baby Jesus all, make this the most wonderful time of the pun intended ;-)

Of course, in true intern-fashion I am behind on all things related to my personal life including decorating the house, sending out cards, shopping for the family, and actual Christmas plans. Ah well... I am starting to just accept things like this, and a lot of what used to get to me, like cleaning, cooking, meeting deadlines, etc. does not drive me crazy anymore. I could see how this may not be such a good coping skill in the long run, but we'll go with it for now LOL

Hopefully I can knock some more items off of my most dynamic to-do list today because I am working tomorrow. If not, it will all get done at some point ;-)

P.S. This whole December-without-Snow thing is so weird but AMAZING!

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