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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Well Hello November...

Hey Friends,

I cannot believe it is November! October was topped off with a much-anticipated vacation week. I was determined to make it both productive and restful, but I realized on day one, that what I needed the most was rest. So, once I accepted that all the extraneous stuff I was so worried about getting done, may not get done all in one week, but would get done eventually, it made doing absolutely nothing during the day easier to handle. Sort of.

I know it sounds ridiculous that I had to accept "doing nothing" as a goal - or lack thereof. My "do nothing" this week also included morning kindergarten drop offs, time with Isabelle during the day, cleaning, laundry, random appointments, cooking (occasionally), and squeezing that all in before afternoon pick up. Big Nate was on B-shift all week so the evenings were just me and the babies.

We did a lot of this:  

By Thursday, I kind of like my old self was finally surfacing from the fog of tiredness, mommy guilt, and mental fatigue. And on Friday I indulged in some much-needed self-care. Never a good sign when your hair dresser calls you out for not combing your hair in between appointments. I know...But if you only knew....This mommy-intern life if not for the weak.

I have been thinking about what I wanted to write about over my vacation all week. I thought about a daily post to narrate my return to normalcy...I thought a recap of life since my last post - four to five weeks ago... But honestly, I have felt so drained all week [read the past few months] the thought of writing anything made me just shirk at the thought of adding one more thing – albeit volitional – to my to-do list. So, now with just a half a day left between myself and returning to the madness that is intern year, I think I am ready for some reflection.

On residency...
I just finished my OB2 rotation, which is 3-4 weeks of being the procedure intern on the labor and delivery floor. It was pretty cool to just have to do the c-sections, because repetition is the best way to improve surgical skills. I am definitely leaps and bounds ahead of where I was when I did my first section in July...

Tonight I start a three-week stretch of nights. Our nights rotation is 6 days for interns – Sunday through Friday. Monday through Thursday nights starts around 5:30PM. On Friday and Sunday it starts at 8PM. I’m not going to see much of the fam during the week since I will be coming and going while everyone is at work and school. I’m hoping that they pay me a few visits while I’m living the nightlife. I’m excited to work with my nights team, they are determined to make it a fun next few weeks with themed dinner party nights included.

Most days I am so thankful for this life that I have been given and this dream that I have been blessed to pursue. But some days have been guilt ridden and filled with questions of what I am doing to my family and myself.  I'm sure I am just going through what all working moms/wives go through. I haven't been leaning on my faith as much as I should. I realize that I have been so focused on not having enough hours in the day, I have forgotten to trust in the Creator of time...

We also start interviewing for next year's residency class this month. I cannot believe one year ago that was me!

On the littles...

My big boy!

- Lost another tooth!I think that brings us to 6 in total
- Was the cutest Optimus Prime for Halloween
- Got an "otustanding" on his first report card
- Ties his own shoes
- Loves to show us what he is learning to spell, add, read, etc. in school 
- Continues to be wise beyond his years. His favorite thing to say right now is, "actually..."

- Loves to give kisses to her family, her stuffed animals, characters in her books..
- Grew 2 inches in 3 months!
- Keeps popping out teeth! Shes up to 10
- Understands things we ask her to do like pick up books, toys, socks, etc. 
- Tries lots of new sounds and I know she will be talking our ears off soon enough
- Starts to try and throw tantrums when things don't go her way

In October Uncle Jordan's team played in NC!


Outside of that, we are loving our first Carolina fall. So beautiful and so much warmer than the Midwest :-) Did you peep the lack of coats on October 31st?!

Hope you all are well! xoxo

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