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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Last Official Day of Pre-Intern Year Vacation...

So my last week of vacation pretty much flew by exponentially...

Last Tuesday, my dad drove up from Indiana and visited with us until Saturday. He was a BIG help watching the kids while I completed my advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) certification for intern year. It was also restaurant week in the Triangle, so we had a a blast trying out new places to eat, and took him to a couple of our favorites so far... :cough: Dame's Chicken & Waffles :cough:

Groceries with Grampy
Lounging around
On Monday, we began our morning routine "practice run". This meant that Isabelle and Nate started daycare and summer camp. I feel so rusty with getting us dressed and out the door before 9AM, so this practice was definitely just as much for me as it was for the kids. Some mommy-guilt induced sadness surfaced on Sunday because it was settling in that our extended time together is coming to an end. But thankfully, it has been a great transition into the kids' new schedules and they both seem happy with the daycare/camp that we chose. The coolest part is that Nate is at the same place as his sister for the summer, so he regularly "checks on her". I am sure Isabelle loves seeing his face throughout the day too. 

Today, my goal was to tie up any urgent loose ends as far as the house and family stuff - i.e. paying bills, errands, phone calls, etc...etc... (it feels like it never ends). However, my more important other goal was to treat-mah-self. I wanted to finally get to the mall because I have been daydreaming about meandering through the stores of my choice, on no one's schedule but my own, to buy things that I not only needed, but wanted just because. Not only did I manage to gift myself a few additions to the wardrobe for work, I scored some great sales on kids' and hubby stuff too, so everyone received goodies today :-)

The last big to-do of the day was an appointment at my first Durham salon! I found a place that specialized in natural hair - it was very similar to my salon in Indy. The stylist did a great job and I am excited to experiment with more natural styles to combat all the North Carolina heat and humidity. What do you think?!

:yawn: Alright, I am off to bed so I can be nice and refreshed for tomorrow... We are kicking off orientation with electronic medical records (EMR) training. Talk to you soon!

P.S. Totally had to laugh at this again..."It's the best day of the year!" hahaha

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