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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Salivary Glands & Life Plans...

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Cute title right? haha

Just got out of surgery and was sent home for the day because our last two cases cancelled. Today we took out someone's submandibular gland (thus part of the title). Well, the residents did, but I retracted chin skin to keep things visible, cut sutures, and I think I can be included in the "we" too...haha

Did I mention how much I am enjoying my time in the OR? < I know I did, but I just wanted to say it again... And I think Baby J likes it too because I felt some little kicks when I was bending over the patient looking into the neck (pictured). Pretty awesome :-)

I'm starting to panic a little bit because now that I've started subspecialty surgery and I like it a lot, I really, REALLY don't know what field I am going to go into. I still love the idea of primary care and having a long term relationship with my patients, but now I realized I couldn't let surgery go completely :le sigh:

In other news, overall I am still feeling pretty good during the day. My body is getting used to not eating every second without getting nauseous which has been helpful for normal person functioning. When I get home I do get hit with some nausea though. I started counting my calories yesterday just so I could see where I am at as far as food intake. I am gaining weight a lot faster with this pregnancy than my first so I really am trying to be conscious about at least cutting out the junk food and drinking mostly water so that the calories I am taking in are at least better choices for my body. Cutting the pop and coffee was the easy part, but this kid has an affinity for ice cream so we just need to find some balance. I wish it was a bit warmer out, because I think a nice walk sounds fun - especially because I need some stress-relieving endorphins. To all the mamas out there, if you know of any good healthy lifestyle + pregnancy resources, please share!

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