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Friday, February 15, 2013

It's Friday!!

Heading home from school without a care in the world...
Happy Friday everybody!

Anesthesia has been a dream. I have been home by lunch time on most days - which gives me enough time to study, take a quick nap, and pick the kid up from school at the regular dismissal time - i.e. no after school care. I  have even been making dinner like 3x/week. This is definitely the good life... :cue music and dance break:

My next OB appointment is this Monday and it's the big ultrasound! (You really only get two or three ultrasounds per pregnancy if everything is going according to plan - right at the beginning, in the middle to check out "anatomy" and find out sex if the parents so choose, and at the end to assess almost-birth weight.)  Time is flying by, and I'm so excited to see how Baby J is growing!!! The husband and I have decided to stay on team green throughout this pregnancy.

After Nate was born, I always thought about how it would be cool to experience finding out the sex of our baby for the first time on his or her birth day. This is easier said than done because most days I want to know!!! Being the planner I am, it's been hard to fully commit to the idea because I want to start buying all things pink or updating our baby boy nursery reserve, but I have my shopping list locked an loaded for last minute gender-themed things (like bedding and extraneous clothes outside of the essential onesies and sleepers) to order once the baby gets here :-) Luckily our crib, travel system, and pack and play are all gender-neutral so really there are no big ticket items we are lacking. However, there are a few updated things I want to get like a high chair and swing - both of which can be gender-neutral as well.

Natey keeps referring to the baby as a "she". I keep telling him it could be a girl OR boy, but he keeps making that distinction on his own. Maybe he knows something we don't ;-)

This weekend, not too much on the agenda outside of studying for my anesthesia exam and going on a Valentine's Day date with the hubby.

Hope you all have a great weekend!
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