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Monday, October 15, 2012

Things Little Nate Says

Me: Nate, what should we do today?
Nate: I think we should go to Target. And buy some Power Rangers and a Mega Zord.

After they handed us an empty bag to fill for the food drive at church:
Nate: What's that?
Me: Bags so we can put food in it to give to people with no food.
Nate: We should get one for uncle Jordan!
(Jordan is my brother at college in Indy who we always take food to. I cried.)

Nate: :clears throat:
Me: Nate, why do you do that?
Nate: I have allergies.

After he did this:
Yes, that is his Dad's iPad
"I know how I can fix it Daddy. I'll get a 'soft' tool!"

"Oh yeah baby! That's what I'm talking about!"

During our morning car ride prayer: "Let's pray for lots of people!"

Nate: "Hey Mom, you want to come watch me eat chips?"
Me: :laughing:
Nate: "You do. Come on, Mom..."

Last time I wore my curls: "Mommy you look kind of like a pretty clown..."

"Mommy/Daddy, you are not my friend!"

"I love you so much mom. I'm never going to let you down."

At some of our friends' house, overheard while our kids were in the basement
Their daughter (who is 6) to Nate: "Do you like Mitt Romney or Barack Obama? Mitt is the one with the white hair and Barack is kind of bald."
Nate: I like Barack Obama!
Their daughter: Me too.
:children continue to play: < HA!!! I love kids.

Go, Dog. Go! by P.D. Eastman is one of Nate's favorite books, and we have read it to him A LOT... Can you tell? LOL

Hope we brought a smile to your Monday!!
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