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Monday, January 30, 2012

Operation De-Clutter

I spent a lot of time (and thinking power) over break purging and de-bulking our home of junk. I just can't think clearly when there is a lot of clutter. It also causes me to be obsessed with it when I should be doing things like studying, so that's why I have to have things in order and have my hair done going into an exam - or it will drive me nuts :shrug:

Anyway, it started with making room for all of Nate's new toys after Christmas. So far I also have redone the majority of the closest in the house (thankfully, I get rid of clothes twice a year so my closet has been pretty reasonable), and I want to do something new with the guest room/office so that I am making the most of that small but functional space.

A friend of mine shared this de-clutter your home in 2012 calendar on twitter. It breaks down cleaning out your whole house into very, very small daily steps. Brilliant.

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Also, Pinterest and StumbleUpon have been a wealth of cool, home-made organizational tools. They opened up a container store in Indianapolis recently, and it's probably for the best that I haven't had time to go, because I love me some plastic bins and such...LOL

Do you have any good tips for keeping everything at home or in the office in its place? 

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