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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My New SAHM Life...

So yesterday was the first day being home with the little one for summer and I must say that it went off without a hitch! I decided that the best way to go about things with a toddler is with some order and a flexible schedule. I must say that keeping a toddler occupied AND a house in order is much harder than just going to the library to study (I couldn't even get a blog post in)...but it's a lot more fun :-)

6:30AM Wake-up: Before Hubby leaves for work so we can say "bye".
We haven't executed the 6:30 wake-up yet (an early morning investment for some early evening QT with the hubby), but it's only been two days so give me a break. We'll get there...


School-like Activities: Yesterday it was helping him to recognize his name (and Elmo's name since he is such a, what to say when someone asks how old he is, coloring, and we did 15 minutes of "Your Baby Can Read" - my mom bought it for us when he was like 5months old, but I haven't ever stuck with it, so maybe we can get him reading Dickens by August (

Backyard Playtime (weather permitting, yesterday was lovely so it was)


***Naptime*** shooting for a target sleep time @ 12PM (I was so excited yesterday when it worked!)

Wake-up around 2PM

Playtime/Help Mommy get ready to start dinner time until Daddy gets home

I was able to get a 30minute Jillian Michaels workout in during his nap (and tried to clean, plan meals, and our activities for this week) and when "Da" got home, I was able to go to the gym - I had to work out extra hard because being at home = lots of snacking :-/

Okay, well I think we are going to try and get to story time at the Library today. Parents, let me know if you have any other summer vacation activity suggestions, because...

Have a great day!
P.S. I know it's not Mother's Day anymore but I forgot to post this and I still want to (plus it's still relevant) - my blog, my rules... :-)

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