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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Exam time...Get Hype!

Last night I was up until 2AM "looking at Histology"...

You know how that goes :sigh:

This morning, I hit the gym after dropping off the kid at daycare, and have been studying since then. I also listened to my LAST physiology lecture of the semester and second-to-last microbiology lecture...WOOT

Yesterday I stocked up on Healthy Choice lunch stuff and non-junk food snacks...There's something about sitting in one place for hours looking at notes that makes you hungry enough to double your caloric intake.

I put up my April calendar in an earlier post, but here is a recap of the schedule:

April 15: Histology Exam 3

April 18: Histology Final

April 21: Physiology Exam 3

April 25: Physiology Final

April 27: History Taking Exam

May 4: Microbiology Final


Please send up your prayers for me...Normally I deactivate all social networking for the weeks leading up to exams. I really don't want to...I wish I could deactivate how I keep daydreaming about how I am going to spend my days off. I think we learned that is a coping mechanism of some sort in ICM :-/

Ahhh to be young's how a toddler studies:

To all my student readers, let me know if you have any healthy snacking and/or stress relieving tips!

Well, Groove Shark playlist is locked and loaded...need to get on it before the fun police (bka the Hubby) calls me out...

Let's Go!
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