The Mrs. The Mommy. The M.D.: Birthday and Snow Day!!!!....Again...And Again!
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Birthday and Snow Day!!!!....Again...And Again!

On the 29th my pumpkin turned two! On Friday, I took an Elmo cake and ice cream up to his school and he was able to celebrate with all his cute friends. Then on Saturday, we had a nice day at home playing and loving on the birthday boy. Lots of family and friends called and video-chatted us to share their love which was awesome! At night, I made a big dinner of honey baked ham, mac and cheese, greens, and yams and the hubby and I toasted to two years as parents. It was a great time and memory :-)

Lately, Nate's vocabulary has grown exponentially! His new phrase is "I wanna [insert food, activity, toy]." Sometimes his words run together, but he is saying everything so clearly! So far the most frequent request have been: pizza, waffles, yogurt, juice (usually after he has been given water), to color, play basketball, and go outside (usually after he has already put his snow boots on, pants optional)...It's so nice that he can use his words and tell us what he wants a lot more now, and boy does he make sure he lets us know exactly what he wants... Also, he is getting great at recognizing animals and their sounds, letters and numbers, and he is making great strides in the potty training department... So proud!

Then to top off a great weekend with the family, this has been the best week ever. On Monday night, Indianapolis (along with many other cities) were hit with what the news is saying "one of the most memorable snow storms in years"...The storm watch was in effect from Monday night until tonight at 7PM (see photo of a piece of ice hubby took off the roof of his car an inch thick). Tuesday, I was pleasantly and thankfully surprised that classes were cancelled. Wednesday, I took as a blessing from God to help me make up for all the academic shamming I've done this semester just in time for my first test on Friday. And we just got the email confirming that yet another day will be cancelled due to icy walkways...can you say mercy and favor? Score. I have spent most of my daytime hours studying histology, but it has been great to just lounge around in our PJs (see below)...
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