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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Updates and Such...

Hey there my sweet little blog and anyone who still may be reading this thing...

Man, 2017 has been non-stop {Hamilton reference, sorry, NOT sorry}. Why is it already March?! If you follow me on Instagram, I have been intermittently trying to fill you all in on what we have been up do, but it's time for a real update so here goes:

The Fam...

The kiddos are growing like weeds. Like weeds with all of the water and all of the Miracle Grow at their disposal. Sheesh!

Nate's newest phrase he uses all the time is, "Well, I'm assuming..." LOL! And Isabelle gets sassier by the day. Her new signature photo pose is a toe point, HA!

I can't with the toe point!

In January, we celebrated Nate's 8th birthday with a skate party (I'm still not used to saying I have an 8 year old o_O). He had a blast! Speaking of which, I still need to send out "Thank You" cards. #MomFail.

We tried to make the most of my weekends off on Onc with some family-centered activity planning. Besides lounging around with mommy, some cool things we did were going to see Lego Batman (so funny), Build-a-Bear making, Saturday morning breakfast biscuit runs in our PJs, and our traditional weekend trip to our favorite Mexican restaurant.

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With March, came the flu for our Natey. He was out of school for two weeks, and the flu also triggered his asthma, so my normally-unstoppable kid was wiped out. It was so hard to see him like that and my doctor-mom hat had me really anxious about how long it was taking him to recover. Let me tell you, working a ton and not being able to be at home with him was thee WORST. My heart breaks for any parent with a child who is seriously ill, or in and out of the hospital. Thankfully, Natey went back to school last week and is back to his self :-D

The Job...

Last weekend I finished my seven-week GYN Oncology rotation. It was an all-consuming rotation that was hard on all parties in my household, but we made it! I feel like my surgical skills got a serious upgrade, and I learned a ton taking care of some wonderful patients.

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In January, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Annual Meeting for the Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine in Las Vegas. It was amazing. So many brilliant people from all over the world coming together to share their ideas for women's health advocacy and improving pregnancy care. I also got to experience my first Cirque du Soleil show "O", and we saw Celine Dion in concert - it was a blast!

SMFM Photobooth fun with my co-residents 

My rotation now is in the outpatient clinics. It's a refreshing change of pace, including more sunlight and more family time. JOY!

This weekend, I headed to Orlando to present my first research poster at the annual meeting for the Society for Reproductive Investigation. The hubs was able to come along too, which makes it the first child-free trip we have had in maybe 6 years...Terrible I know. Hopefully, this is the first step to doing better... I had so much fun presenting my poster and walked away inspired to keep figuring out my role as a physician researcher. This girl has got some plans ;-)

Daytona Beach!

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The next top priority on my agenda is finishing my Resident Research Day Project that will be presented in May and preparing for fellowship interviews! AHHH!!

The 30x30 Mission...

I finished 12 weeks of BBG last week! I started working out around October 31st. I am 10lbs and a dress size down, lost 3 inches on my waist, and I must admit, my muscle gains are kind of the bomb! #Flexin

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Most recent pics below...


I'm planning on starting BBG1 again, and working on eating better with this next go-round. Currently shoving pizza in my mouth as I type. Prayers please...Summer body, I'm coming for you!


Hope you all are well! Now that we are almost through the first quarter of 2017, join me in taking inventory on where you are with your goals for the year. It's the perfect time to re-focus and re-strategize...

Talk to you soon!

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