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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Roadtrips, Blizzards, & Graduations...

Last week was my first vacation week since March - I was so ready. Since we would be home for Christmas and my little brother was graduating from college on the 17th, it made sense to do our marathon road trip and cram as many visits in as possible. A little insane since it is a 12 hour drive to Michigan, but we never regret it. 

First, we had to buy some coats... 

My kids are so enamored with the thought of snow since we do not experience it like we did in Indiana. Poor Isabelle had yet to have a real snow day - she's practically a Southern belle. After frantically going around to three different stores, Target came through for the win. I think it is hysterical that no one was selling coats here in December. 

We hit the road after big Nate got off of work and drove straight through. I love driving overnight when the kids will sleep. I wasn't able to help out with my entire half because my immune system decided it was the perfect time to come down with a cold..womp. By the time we hit Virginia, I was done. Nate took over and we made great time. 

Our Detroit visit included a stay at Nate's brother's house, my Grammy's house, and Nate's Grandma's house. It's always awesome to see everyone and the kids were in heaven with their cousins.

I was kind of bummed because I didn't get to see any of my college friends that are still in the Detroit area. There just wasn't enough time - in addition to the blizzard that made elective travel risky so we just stayed put where we were.

On Tuesday, we headed to my mom's in Indiana. I looooove love love being at home. Thankfully, we were able to stay in one place for a few days until we all made the trek to Indianapolis for my little brother's graduation. I even was able to pull together our family Christmas photo and card... #habitualprocrastinator

Making gingerbread houses with Lita (my mom)

After this photo was taken, we hit the road and drove right into an ice storm. Ya'll, a trip that normally takes about 2.5hours, took about EIGHT HOURS. The highway froze while we were on it, and the police SHUT. IT. DOWN....this is the mess I DO NOT MISS about the Midwest. 

....But we all made it!! Thank the Lord for his traveling mercies. And the next day after a slight delay from the ice storm (they almost cancelled it all together), we watched my baby bro walk across the stage. It was an amazing moment for many reasons. Last time I saw him he was wheel chair bound due to his football injury. I am so proud of him and God is so good!

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Jordan and my proud parents 

Sunday morning it was time to head back to North Carolina :tear:

We were all feeling kind of blue being back home, but we are enjoying our Christmas vacay by making our own on memories Johnson style. This 61 degree weather also helps to ease the pain a bit ;-)

Hope you all are having a great start to your holiday!

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