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Sunday, February 21, 2016

24 Hour Call Essentials

Post call texts with the Hubs
Since the end of January, I've been back on the rotation where I have q3 (every three days) 24 hour in-house call. It is one of the most physically draining rotations of residency. A huge part of that is because of how crazy your sleep-wake cycle becomes - not to mention how terrible your eating habits are when you are awake for Fourth Meal.

I have to admit this rotation has gotten easier, and more fun, because I am a lot better at taking care of myself both inside and outside of the hospital. Including always having essentials for the expected craziness or even unexpected downtime (i.e. catnaps or showers, catnaps always > showers).

Here's a peek inside my on-call bag...

My theme is "Don't be ashy and don't smell".  I'm sure my co-workers all appreciate this ;-)

Hope you are all having a good weekend! The weather is gorgeous in NC. I was on call Friday into Saturday and don't go back until Monday. It almost feels like a weekend off!

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