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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hey Saturday...

Saturdays off are thee Seriously, it never gets old...Tomorrow I have a 24hour call, but I'm just going to continue to enjoy the rest of my sweet Saturday - like the darling toddler sleeping in my lap as I write.

We just started a new block on Monday, so I've moved on from an all gynecology service to being a semi-"chief" at our busiest hospital. Last year, I started my obstetrics journey out here. As the first Gyn Oncology intern, that meant I only delivered babies on weekends, and I only had about 6 deliveries under my belt by August. Astoundingly, by the time I was finished rotating at the hospital I am at now (about 6 weeks), I had over 100 deliveries under my belt.

Now, as a second year, I hold title of a chief. Our team consists of one third year resident (the real chief), two second year residents (the mini chiefs), two OB interns, two Family Medicine Interns, one Emergency Medicine intern, and five medical students.

Every three days (and sometimes every two days) I am on call for 24 hours, which means overnight I am the most senior resident on service... :gasp: I'm so excited to be able to do more obstetrics. But, my primary role is helping to teach and supervise the interns on our service. As a chief I also get to handle the gynecologic consults from the ED and floor, GYN procedures, and helping to run the antepartum service (high risk obstetrics patients).

It was a busy first week, but I made it through my first 24 hour call still standing!

The hours on this block are a lot less forgiving on the home front, but the fam is well :-)

Natey showing off his waves LOL
I always feel like this is the time when I try and over-compensate for my absence by doing things like exhaustedly trying to make it to "carline" post-call (that's the new guilt-inducing term referring to 3PM pick up - i.e. 6 year old shade thrown like, "I wish you could pick me up from car line like so-and-so's mom..."), buying all the fall clothes The Children's Place has to offer, and prepping pot roasts to be ready to feed the munchkins and man in my absence.

This effort usually dies fast and hard. Because as much as I love trying to be a superwoman, I am only human. And a girl has got to sleep. I love my sleep.

Ask me how many meals I've cooked in the last three months...No, don't ask me.

Thank God for a husband who handles my constantly changing schedule (and presence at home) like a pro. I don't know what I would do without him! #TrueStory

In other news, so sad to be missing Homecoming at our Alma Mater. A lot of my loves are back in Ann Arbor having a blast. I will just have to live vicariously through their social media pages as we watch the game from NC. My goal is to get our family back to The Big House by next year!

Throwback of our Baby Girl Wolverine
Go Blue!
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