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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

That's Right, TWO Posts in ONE Month!

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This week is my last week of nights!!! least until my nights rotation in May. As much as I have learned over the last four weeks, I am so looking forward to returning to the light of day and scheduled surgeries.

I have walked away from this rotation with invaluable experience taking care of some of the most critically ill patients. It is both nerve-wrecking and fascinating at the same time. The GynOnc services reignites my love for the hardcore electrolyte-trending, acid-base calculating, pharmacokinetic, and critical care-type medicine that you don't get on a routine laboring patient - granted we have our fair share of complicated obstetrics patients too...

My next rotation is benign gynecology. I'm really excited to do my first hysterectomy and get regular experience with laparoscopy. Stay tuned ;-)

On the home front...

My almost first grader!
Naters starts 1st grade at his new school soon! I have a vacation week planned for the week he goes back to school. My goal is to be really visible and involved out the gate, so that his teachers know I exist. And then the hubby will carry on the rest of the year in his usual basically-a-single-dad fashion. Joking...but also serious. Granted, second year has already been a wonderful change in pace, I am still a resident, and have to defer to my better-half for most of the day-to-day parenting duties like drop offs, field trips, and weekday playdates. I think my my guilt has really lessened because I've accepted these limitations as only temporary. One day I will be able to regularly be a part of the everyday stuff, and I am thankful for such a supportive hubs who feels this way too.

Little Miss IzzyBee got her two year old pictures taken this past weekend. I'm so excited with how they turned out, but by the way she acted in the studio, I thought it was going to be a big waste of everyone's time. I literally was standing barely an arm's length away from her IN.EVERY.PICTURE.


In the un-cropped version of this photo, you can see me
lying on the floor beside her. trying to not be in the frame..
In other semi-related news, I've been obsessed with getting family pictures on our walls. My first roadblock to achieving this goal was the fact that most-if-not-all of our pictures are in a cloud online....and we had like one empty frame. So in between my weeks on nights, I have launched this massive effort to print pictures and buy frames... Ya'll, these are the joys of adulting.

My usual go to is Snapfish, but I tried out Groove Book this month too. I'm all about not re-inventing the wheel so please share any of your great ideas for picture-hanging, printing, etc.

What sites do you guys use for photo printing? Where do you like to shop for frames? 
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