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Thursday, January 16, 2014

It's All Coming Together Now

Snoozing in the hotel room
Despite things going awesome on my sub-I and knocking out my last residency interview in Mississippi last Friday, I was feeling a bit discouraged the past couple of days. Things didn't work out so great with the nanny :read drama, drama, drama: My mom was planning to come and help us with the kids, but my youngest brother was unexpectedly in the hospital (thankfully he is doing much better), and she was unable to come down. Long story short, on Wednesday, my baby girl started daycare and my kid-boy was back at his school's aftercare program.

Nate lost his other bottom front tooth yesterday!
Things are not ideal, but they have been fine. Little Miss is safe and happily adjusting to her new "school" and my big kid is enjoying the extra play time with his friends. When he found out his little sister would be going to daycare, Natey goes to Izzy, "You're going to go to daycare! Don't be afraid sweetheart. I wasn't afraid on my first day. You'll be home after." This child has been here before...

Thanks to my rotation, yesterday I was able to attend the ACOG (American Congress of Obstetricians & Gynecologists) Indiana section meeting. OB-GYNs from all over the state came into town to hear lectures on new research and practice techniques in the field. Because it was so well attended, I was able to catch up with a lot of the residents and attendings I have worked with over the past year. I also was able to meet some new docs! I know I'm biased but all the OB-GYNs I meet are all such friendly and sweet people. It was a great pick me up because I was thinking about Izzy at daycare all-day-long, and it also reaffirmed that I chose the right field. I'm so excited to be an OB-GYN!!!

During one of the lectures, the thought came to my mind about how blessed I am to be living this life. I know it was nothing but God, because well, I had been preoccupied by worrying about my babies all morning and suddenly I felt so calm. I am exactly where I should and need to be. I chose my specialty, and I cannot begin to tell you how everything continues to fall into place - I will save that for another testimony.

Yesterday was also a big deal because the Match rank list opened up. After all of our interviews are done,  we have to "rank" each program in order of how much we would like to go there. The residency programs similarly rank all of their interviewees. Then a computer program uses some algorithm to pair you with the best "match". Ideally, it is a program you ranked highly that ranked you highly as well. Then, on March 17th we will get an email saying whether or not we "matched", and FINALLY, on March 21st my class and I will attend the results party where we all get an envelope to reveal where we will be for the next 3-6 years!

All the loose ends of medical school are starting to come together and the anticipation of it all is one of the most exciting things I have ever experienced!

True. Story. 
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