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Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Made It!

Tuesday I took my general surgery exam which means I'm doooooone with gen surg!!! :-D I missed blogging so much...

Anyway, all-in-all it was not bad at all. Granted the hours were redic (I am NOT going to miss that 4:30AM start time), I absolutely loved my patients, our residents were cool, the attendings were all great teachers, and I saw some AH-MA-ZING things.

I really gained a new-found respect for Riley on this rotation. I already knew it was considered a tertiary care center for Indiana, but until you see how many families and physicians statewide bring/refer their kids to Riley so that they can have the best of the best care, you can't fully understand what that means. It is so impressive and I am honored to be able to learn from all the great doctors here.

Oh, and everything I was nervous about because I am preggers didn't happen. Like:
- I didn't pass out during long surgeries.
- I didn't need to eat every hour on the hour.
- Long days on my feet didn't induce contractions...just swollen feet lol
- The attendings/fellows/residents were all super understanding if I did need to sit down for a moment during the longer cases and didn't get upset about it.

Here are some of the past 5 week's highlights:
- My first full day on service, I had an 8 hour procedure: choledochal cyst excision
- My second week I had a 5 hour Whipple procedure
- I spent some time in the NICU
- I did some routine things like hernia repairs, circumcisions, port placements and removals.
- I had my first overnight calls - i.e. 5PM-7AM in the hospital (basically 5AM-7AM on a week day)

It was all very cool :-)

Yesterday I had my OB orientation and tonight is my first day on night float (i.e. 5pm-8am shifts)!! And not a moment too soon, look at all this BELLY!
My attire for the last 5 weeks: Scrubs + Bump 
Headed to church for Resurrection Sunday (24 weeks)
In other news....

Pumpkin was on spring break for the last two weeks of my surgery rotation, and I missed him so much. It's like he got bigger and more mature while he was gone... I can't take it! Now all three musketeers are back in the mix of things...

In other, other news... last week we got the assignments for our three required clerkships for fourth year. I'm so geeked! My preliminary outline of my year will look like this:

June: Elective - SubI in what I want to go into
July: Elective/Give Birth - Something low key would be good
August: Vacation month with baby
September: Radiology
October: Medicine SubI
November: Elective/Interviews/Maybe Vacation Month
December: Elective/Interviews/Maybe Vacation Month
January: Elective/Interviews
February: Emergency Medicine
March: Elective
April: Elective
May: Graduation!!!!

Okay, hope that wasn't too many updates. I am so happy to be back! Hope you all have a great day! I need to get back in bed so I can be fully functional to deliver babies all night ;-)

P.S. GO BLUE!!! So proud of how our boys did this year!!!
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