The Mrs. The Mommy. The M.D.: Christmas Vacation Update (& Our Special Gift)
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Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Vacation Update (& Our Special Gift)

So far my vacation has been lovely.

We had our first ever Christmas Eve/Christmas Morning in our own home and I am so happy that we did. Although it is great to go out of town ahead of time so that we can be with everyone, it was nice to work on starting our own family's traditions - baking cookies, reading the Christmas story before bed, staying up and wrapping gifts in our own home. It was great!

Nate asked for things all year (and we delivered) so I was expecting an over-the-top reaction to all the awesome things this kid got for Christmas. Instead we got the most lackluster gift unwrapping ever. I will credit it to my son's analytical and pragmatic personality traits thanks to his engineer-father, but goodness... He carefully made sure all the paper was off each gift, interjected an inside voice "wow" or "sweet", and the would pause for a few seconds as if he was reading the specs on each box. What was the most hilarious is that he asked for 50 million different Batman toys, and he got quite a few, as he opened the third Batman-themed toy, this man goes, "Man...Batman has a lot of stuff though....Batman has a lot of stuff..." Really little Nate?

My little Candycane

We spent the previous weekend at my parents' house and Natey had his first Christmas there. Then, after spending the morning at home, we hit the road and headed to Michigan for a couple days to see the rest of the hubby and I's family. We are going to spend the last days of my vacation (the hubby and the kid get more days than me - not fair) at home. I am probably the happiest about this because all that traveling was exhausting.

In addition to this being my favorite holidays, this was also a special time because we had a big announcement for everyone:
Our BIG News!!

We are so excited!! And I think Natey is going to be an awesome big brother.

I go back to rotation life on the 2nd, so I plan to spend the rest of my days off lounging around... It is going to be splendid.

This pregnancy has already been completely different from my first - "didn't even know I was pregnant for 5 weeks" experience with Natey. Baby J has made his/her presence known with a baseline feeling of all-day nausea. And I'm pretty sure this baby doesn't want me to have a blog because every time I get ready to write, either a big wave of nausea or sleepiness takes over :yawn: No worries, because vacations are perfect for napping... all. day. long.

Hope you all are having a great holiday season!

Baby J @ 10 weeks
 Hope this kid likes the camera because this is the first of many pictures...
After my appointment today, I told Natey to hold the picture of his brother or sister so I could snap a pic and he goes, "I don't want to, she can take a picture by herself!" I thought this was hilarious....But really he is just as excited as we are ;-)

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