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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Doing THEE Most...

I have been on spring "break" since Friday at 3PM. I use quotations around the word "break" because it has been anything but. Well, I take that back. The first weekend off was pretty chill because I did absolutely nothing, but Sunday night I began to plan my attack on the week of Step 1 studying that I had ahead. The goal is to get through ALL 598 pages of First Aid. I am a pretty fast reader so I thought this wouldn't be so tough, but I am two days in and nowhere near where I thought I would be...

When I envisioned my break, I did NOT think I would be getting up at normal pre-break times and continuing to study. But that is what med school does to you - willingly doing THEE ABSOLUTE MOST.

If you are not familiar with this saying, Urban Dictionary defines it as:
v.) doing too much; doing more than enough; excessive
It made me think about life before med school and how my perception of doing "the most" has changed. It definitely was NOT this extreme:

Today, I laugh about the stressful "all nighters" I thought I was pulling in undergrad. First of all, why did I even need to pull all nighters?! Probably because the library was a social option and not a necessity. I know I always went to sleep before exams.

My hair was cared-for regularly and I wore make-up daily. Today? Two words, BARE. MINIMUM.

Despite having "the facts" about junk food, now I tend to eat worse than ever and hardly work out :sigh:

I took bubble baths. Don't worry, I still practice good hygiene today...haha But the luxury of relaxation comes few and far between. If I do take a bath, I usually bring my laptop with me so I can watch lectures...Sad. I know. Doing THEE Most. 

My playlists once consisted of songs. I knew I had reached a new pinnacle of professional student-ness when I had a playlist devoted to what we were studying that week in ICM. Doing THEE Most. 

Back then, I watched doctor shows because I wanted to be a doctor, and did it without critically analyzing all the medical references with regard to my new-found inside knowledge.

I could use a standard, leather-bound planner. Now, my schedule changes daily, is linked to my laptop, my phone, and two email accounts... Doing THEE Most. 

I said things like, "If I could just get to medical school this would be easier because it is actually information I'll use every day", or "things are too uncertain now to make major decisions, but in medical school things will be more stable..." Stability is relative. See reference above.

....But I am not going to complain anymore, because it is going by SO FAST. And it can only get better from here! The fourth year students I know were all posting Facebook statuses about Matching yesterday, and that got me super excited! Only two more years (....of doing the most) and that will be me!!

Ok, back to First Aid.
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